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Hey lovelies, my name is Ann. I’m a little camera shy and prefer to do things from behind the scenes. Because of this, I was surely quite hesitant at first to start this website. However, my intense desire to share everything I know about sewing with all of you eventually turned out to be much stronger than all my initial inhibitions. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fashion. There is nothing more fascinating to me than a well-constructed piece of garment. I feel that the right kind of clothing can transform any woman into a diva straight out of a fashion magazine. 

Few things are more satisfying to me than spending hours touching lovely cotton, lace, tulle, organza, silk, wool, hemp, and linen. When I go to the fabric store I really feel like a kid in a candy store.

Eat Sleep Sew About Me

How I got Into Sewing

Over the last decade or so, with the insidious growth of fast fashion, it has become increasingly difficult to find well-constructed garments. Everything in today’s times seems to be made for use and throw. 

I’m also not a huge fan of current day trends that tend to lean more towards asymmetrical hemlines and undefined waistlines. I often find myself craving for a time when women dressed like ladies and men dressed like gentlemen. Of course, those are just my personal preferences. I’m personally very attracted to vintage-inspired classic style clothing.

For me, dressing well isn’t just about making a statement but about communicating with the world how I want to be treated. It’s a way of carrying myself with dignity and grace through the good and bad times that life may present to me. 

I often get reminded of a famous quote by Oleg Cassini (Jackie Kennedy’s personal designer). He said, “To be well-dressed is a little like being in love.” My passion for beautifully constructed clothing made from the highest quality fabrics is nothing less than a lady’s love for her beau.

Since it was becoming increasingly difficult to find clothes that were well-constructed and that matched my taste, I started exploring the world of custom tailoring. I tried finding someone who could work with me to create my clothes. However, that turned out to be an equally disappointing journey. At one point, I decided enough was enough. I needed to take matters into my own hands and create for myself the clothes that I wanted with the kind of fabrics and fit I desired. 

Hence, it was my desire to create beautiful clothes for myself that led me to enroll in my first fashion designing class at a regional institute. I wasn’t interested in becoming a professional fashion designer but was just someone with an intense fashion for beautiful clothes. 

At first, I thought that within a few months I will become a pro and will be ready to start making my own clothes. I was awakened by a rude shock during the fashion designing course when I realized just how much work goes into creating any piece of clothing. Also, how many skills one needs to master in order to create clothes that look like tailoring masterpieces. I doubted if I will ever be able to make beautiful clothes since it seemed like I had zero skills at that point. 

However, my love for fashion and garment construction was so strong that I became determined to master this skill. Over the course of my training, I realized that without the right tools even a master craftsman (or woman) can’t create the finest pieces of clothing. I became intrigued by the world of sewing machines and other garment construction tools. 

I started researching the best tools that are available in the market and trying to get my hands on them as much as possible. All that has finally led me to this point when I am ready to share with you everything I know about the world of sewing.

Eat Sleep Sew is truly my passion project where I strive to bring the best information to you so that you can take your sewing projects to the next level.

My mission on Eat Sleep Sew is to help you learn about the best sewing tips, ideas, tools, and machines out there.

How I Create My Content

All the content on this website is planned, written and edited by me. I go out of my ways to ensure that every piece of content meets the highest quality standards that exist and is as packed with valuable information as possible. For the reviews I publish on this website, I do extensive research and rely on real life experiences to bring you the most in-depth information that you can rely on to form your purchase decisions.

The most important thing for me in life is integrity. This website is an extension of my own integrity. I do my best to make sure that this website remains a reliable source of high-quality information.

What’s Here for You?

This website is surely the right place for you IF YOU ARE any of the following:

  • Passionate about sewing and like to learn from another sewing enthusiast’s experiences.
  • Looking for reliable sewing tips and ideas.
  • Searching for recommendations to buy the best sewing machines and tools.
  • Particular about reading reviews that come from real life experiences and not from commercial sales pages.
Now, let’s get you started on an awesome journey into the fascinating world of sewing. Check out my guide to finding and choosing the best sewing machine here

– Ann