Best Sewing Machine for Kids in 2021

If you are in a hurry and want to find out which is the best sewing machine for kids, then I’d suggest going with Singer Start 1304.

I completed my first sewing project when I was just 7. Some people might think that’s a very young age to start sewing but you’d be amazed by how quickly children are able to master this skill.

Sewing is an excellent hobby, especially if your child has a lot of energy and you aren’t sure how to channelize it. I’d suggest getting a kids sewing machine and allowing his/her creativity to unfold.

In this article, I will be reviewing 5 of the best kids sewing machine across a range of different price points.

These are my top 5 picks:


At What Age Can Children Start Sewing?

Generally, very young children become distracted easily. I would say that introducing children to their own sewing machine at the age of 7 or 8 years is ideal (with proper supervision, of course).

At that age, children are able to learn new skills quickly. They are also able to remain attentive and interested in new projects for longer periods of time.

However, there is no golden rule regarding the right age to start sewing. You can introduce your children to sewing by letting them help out with projects. This will help you gauge the level of interest they have in sewing.

If they are truly fascinated by the world of sewing, then you can eventually get them a kids sewing machine.

What Kind of Sewing Machines Are There for Kids?

There are a few sewing machines in the market that are marketed exclusively to kids. These ‘little girls’ sewing machine’ are usually toys that ‘sew’ without thread. They might look tempting and fun but I would strongly advise you against getting one of these.

These toy sewing machines are generally very flimsy. They break down easily. Moreover, children don’t get a chance to get creative beyond a few extremely basic craft projects that don’t involve any real sewing.

There is hardly any price difference between a very basic mini sewing machine and a toy sewing machine. If you don’t want to spend much, then I would suggest getting a basic mini sewing machine.

However, my ideal recommendation would be to get a conventional sewing machine that is kid-friendly. This would qualify as the best long-term investment.

It will allow your children to continually expand their skill set by working on different kinds of sewing projects. They can start off with very simple sewing projects like sewing kitchen napkins and advance to more complex projects once they are ready.

What to Look for in an Ideal Sewing Machine for Kids?

I would suggest that you weigh your options against the following parameters to find an ideal kids sewing machine.

Type of Sewing Machine – Mechanical versus Computerized

A good mechanical sewing machine is durable and long-lasting. It also requires a lot less maintenance than a computerized one. However, your child might find a decent computerized sewing machine to be a lot more fun and easy to use.

Computerized sewing machines are generally more expensive than mechanical ones. Since they have a lot of electronic parts, they are also less durable than mechanical sewing machines.

On the plus side, computerized sewing machines have a ton of cool features. You can sew with greater consistency and accuracy by simply choosing the right settings on the LCD display.

I would say, if you are looking for a durable long-term investment, then go with a mechanical sewing machine.

On the other hand, if your child is tech-savvy and enjoys experimenting with tons of cool features, then I would suggest opting for a computerized sewing machine.

Number of Stitches

You can complete most sewing projects with only a handful of basic stitches. However, how many built-in stitches you require depends upon the kind of sewing projects your child will be doing. As a general guideline, pick a sewing machine that has at least 6 built-in stitches.

You may need more stitches if your child is interested in embroidery, quilting or other innovative craft projects. In that case, I would recommend picking a child’s sewing machine that has a lot of options for decorative stitches.

Safety Precautions

You have to be vigilant when your child is working at the sewing machine. There is no alternative to constant close supervision. Apart from that, you can also buy finger guards. Wearing finger guards will protect the child’s fingers from getting caught under the sewing machine needle.Also, make sure that the sewing machine is installed in such a way that the child can easily reach the foot pedal.


Ideally, you want a machine that will last you for at least a few years, if not longer. Hence, it is advisable to buy only from a reputed brand.


Set a budget to determine how much you are willing to spend on a new children’s sewing machine. If your child is extremely passionate about sewing, then you can consider spending more. You might want to buy a quality sewing machine with a lot of options to get creative with.

However, if you are unsure about the level of your child’s interest in sewing, it might be better to opt for a moderately priced sewing machine. In the worst case scenario, your child might lose interest in sewing. But t least, you will have a reliable sewing machine at hand for any urgent repair or maintenance work!

Buyer’s Guide and Product Reviews

I have painstakingly combined a list of the most highly rated, great value for money, and top quality sewing machine for kids.

Now, let’s get started with the reviews!

Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701 is a portable, lightweight, easy to use kids sewing machine. There is no learning curve involved. Your child can take it out of the box, watch the instructional DVD, set up shop and get started immediately. Of course, you would still want to be around to provide supervision and assistance whenever needed.Brother XM2701 comes with 27 built-in stitches and an easy stitch selection dial. You get 6 presser foot attachments (zipper, zigzag, narrow hem, blind stitch, buttonhole, and button sewing foot). With these features, your child can easily complete a wide array of sewing projects.

What makes this machine even more user-friendly is its efficient self-threading needle and easy to load top drop-in bobbin system. The built-in free arm makes it a breeze to sew pant legs, cuffs, and sleeves. 

Overall, this is an excellent value for money investment. It’s tough to get so many useful features for the price, especially when the sewing machine is also extremely easy to use.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Can be used for a wide variety of sewing projects
  • 27 built-in stitches with an easy stitch selection dial
  • 6 presser foot attachments
  • Comes with a good instructional DVD
  • Built-in free arm
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Easy to load top drop-in bobbin system


  • Made mostly out of plastic parts – long-term durability can be an issue
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

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Singer Start 1304

Singer Start 1304 is another popular sewing machine for kids. It comes with 6 built-in stitches along with a stitch selection dial. You get 3 presser foot attachments – a buttonhole, a zipper, and an all-purpose foot.
The diagrams on the top and the front portion of the sewing machine provide clear instructions to correctly thread the machine. The machine also has diagrams on the top illustrating how to wind the bobbin.

The bobbin winds quickly and the winding stops as soon as it becomes full. Even if you continue putting pressure on the foot pedal, the winding won’t continue after the bobbin is full.

The machine has a heavy-duty metal frame beneath the outer plastic body. It is lightweight, portable, and yet quite durable.

Like most entry-level beginner’s sewing machines, Singer Start 1304 doesn’t have the option to set a sewing speed. Hence, you have to use the foot pedal to control the sewing speed. However, after a little bit of practice, your child will easily get a hang of it.


  • 6 built-in stitches with an easy stitch selection dial
  • 3 presser foot attachments (a buttonhole, a zipper, and an all-purpose foot)
  • Heavy-duty internal metal frame provides stability and durability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a good instructions manual. There are also illustrative diagrams on the machine showing how to thread the needle and load the bobbin
  • Built-in free arm for sewing sleeves, hemming pants, and other such small projects
  • Preset stitch width and length take away the guesswork
  • Built-in thread cutter


  • Plastic presser foot lever might lack long-term durability (overall, the machine is pretty solid, especially for the price)
  • Some users report issues with the needle getting jammed during use

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Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i is a feature-loaded computerized sewing machine. For the price, it’s really tough to beat this sewing machine in terms of features and the extra accessories that come with it.
It is a fairly quiet sewing machine that can sew fast (up to 850 stitches per minute). You can adjust the speed slide to sew at your desired speed.

This will ensure that no matter how hard you press the foot pedal, the machine is sewing only at your desired speed. I find this to be a very useful feature on a sewing machine for kids.

This child’s sewing machine also comes with a start/stop button. Hence, you can completely do away with the foot pedal (if you wish).

Brother CS6000i comes with 60 built-in stitches. This includes plenty of decorative stitches and 7 types of one-step buttonhole patterns. Hence, your child has a lot of room to get creative with this machine.


  • Fast sewing ability (up to 850 stitches per minute) with a speed slide to set the desired sewing speed
  • 60 built-in stitches with an LCD display stitch selector
  • Wide extension table for quilting and other large projects
  • Automatic needle up/down function
  • Sewing start/stop button (you can ignore the foot pedal completely if you wish)
  • 8 presser foot attachments (Includes walking, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, blind stitch, buttonhole, button sewing, and spring action quilting foot)
  • Can sew through multiple layers – great for quilting
  • Built-in free arm and thread cutter


  • Expect to undergo a learning curve (the instructional manual is quite helpful though)
  • Some users have reported tension issues

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Singer 7258

Singer 7258 is another amazing computerized sewing machine that is packed with awesome features. It comes with 100 built-in stitches, including 9 basic and 8 stretch stitches. With 7 buttonhole styles and 76 decorative stitches to choose from, your child has enough room to get creative with this machine.Stitch selection is easy and requires only the press of a button. Since the stitch length and width are preselected, there isn’t much guesswork involved. Your child can select the desired stitch style and get started immediately. (Of course, you can customize stitch length and width if you want to)

The top drop-in bobbin is easy to load and comes with a see-through case so you know exactly when you are going to run out of thread. Another great feature is that the bobbin winder stops automatically once the bobbin is fully loaded.

The automatic needle up/down feature is very useful when you are pivoting fabric, appliquéing or quilting.


  • 100 built-in stitches (9 basic, 8 stretch, 76 decorative, and 7 buttonhole styles) with easy stitch selection
  • Pre-selected stitch width and length (can be customized, if desired)
  • 10 presser foot attachments – all-purpose, blind hem, darning/freehand embroidery, buttonhole, gathering, satin stitch, overcasting, narrow rolled hem, zipper, and quarter inch foot
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Sturdy internal metal frame
  • Speed control slide and automatic presser foot pressure control
  • Automatic needle up/down function
  • Easy to set up and get started with – comes with a good instructions manual and DVD


  • The automatic needle threader is not user-friendly
  • Presser foot lever is made out of plastic. Hence, not very durable

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

I would advise going for this sewing machine only if your child has never sewn before and you suspect that this might only be a passing interest for her/him. Alternatively, you might decide to go for it, if your budget wouldn’t allow anything else.Varmax Mini is an extremely lightweight sewing machine that comes at a dirt cheap price. Of course, it is limited in features and functions. You can only do the classic straight line stitch on this machine. Hence, it can be used only for basic sewing projects (nothing too creative or crafty).

You have the option to run the sewing machine on battery power or through an adapter. To start and stop the sewing, you can use either the foot pedal or the on/off button on the sewing machine.

It is easy to set up the bobbin, especially if you follow the instructions properly.


  • Dirt cheap price
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Comes with an extension table
  • Does a decent job at the classic straight line stitch
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Option to operate on battery power
  • Foot pedal or on/off button to start and stop sewing
  • Uncomplicated and very easy to use


  • Constructed almost entirely out of plastic – might not last too long
  • Size is very small – not good for anything other than some very basic sewing

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


The Winner

If you want a sewing machine that is affordable and yet loaded with a reasonable number of helpful features, then I would suggest going with Singer Start 1304. Thanks to the internal metal frame, this sewing machine is quite sturdy and should last you for a while.

A mechanical sewing machine like this one is also much easier to maintain than a computerized sewing machine. With 6 built-in stitches, your child will be able to complete a lot of beginner and intermediate level sewing projects.

In my opinion, this is the best sewing machine for kids that is truly value-for-money.

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