DIY Sewing Machine Cover That Fits Like a Glove

If you use a sewing machine, then you surely need a sewing machine cover. While it’s possible to buy one, I would highly recommend that you make your own cover.

I watched several videos for DIY sewing machine covers and this one turned out to be my most favorite. So far, I have made 3 sewing machine covers. I am using 2 for my own machines and decided to gift the remaining one to my friend who has just started her sewing journey.

The greatest perk behind making your own cover is that you can customize it to fit your sewing machine like a glove. If you follow the video attentively, then you will realize that taking measurements for the project is also a pretty straightforward process.

I think this project is easy enough for a beginner. If you have difficulty understanding instructions then just play the video a few times until things make sense. If you are still afraid, then I will suggest making a dummy with fabric scrap first.

Once you have nailed this project, you can use the same idea to make covers for your other kitchen appliances as well. It will save them from dust and make them look super cute sitting on the kitchen counter.

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