How to Sew a Beautiful Zippered Pouch

I love zippered pouches. They are so useful for organizing everything – from makeup to sewing material.

As much as I enjoy using zippered pouches, I really don’t like shelling money on them. I was pleasantly surprised by this video as I realized just how simple it can be to sew my own pouch.

This brilliant tutorial has very clear step-by-step instructions. I just followed along on a Saturday afternoon and the result was a lovely pouch that I am currently using for storing makeup. I was so impressed by the result that I decided to make a few more for myself.

It was so much fun that I ended up creating a handful of these for my loved ones as well. I think the most enjoyable part is being able to choose different fabric patterns and colors to create a truly personalized product. Everyone I gifted it to also loved it as much as I do.

This may not be a beginner’s project but if you know what you are doing, then it’s really not that hard! If you aren’t very confident about your sewing skills, then it might be a good idea to create a sample pouch with fabric scrap first.

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